Cambio climático: mejor prevenir que curar

Attaining and preserving food security for all of humanity appears to be an important but daunting global challenge in the face of population explosion, economic growth, environmental degradation and accelerating climate change. Indeed, much lip service is given to mitigating the risks posed by climate change to food security in the scientific literature and the popular press.

Notwithstanding this «conventional wisdom,» our understanding of the likely impacts of climate change on food security is very limited. Indeed, the most recent assessment report by the International Panel on Climate Change concludes, «All aspects of food security are potentially affected by climate change, including food access, utilisation, and price stability. But the report, then, observes, «There remains limited quantitative understanding of how non-production elements of food security will be affected, and of the adaptation possibilities in these domains.»

Climate change poses important challenges for agriculture and food security in the world, and especially in Africa. It directly affects food production through changes in agro-ecological conditions and indirectly affects growth and distribution of incomes, and thereby, the demand for agricultural produce.

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